You can carry a lot of it around with you.


Pro: Preferred for suspension as it doesn’t stretch as much and has more consistent stretch characteristics. Con: Doesn’t take dye as well. Basically all the same cons as the one just above, with the addition of bulkier knots due to the increased thickness of it. Weighs more than the one above, but that’s not a massive issue. End post. Answered the whole question, just like that. It’s generally quite strong; you can usually put it under heavy load with minimal fear of stretch or breakage unless its obviously frayed. Goes well with the traditional shibari aesthetic; has that natural, organic kind of look. Above; undyed five mil tossa jute; below, 6 mil dyed tossa jute. It takes natural fibre dye surprisingly well, given the already existing golden colour.

This has multiple advantages; it spreads any pressure from the tie over a wider surface, and it doesn’t catch on things when you’re rolling around, struggling, what have you. You need fewer wraps to get a safe distribution of pressure. I’m not actually a dick like that. I realize that what I just wrote may be true, but it’s not actually useful. This is a twisted rope; it gives you different kind of rope marks than braids do, and has a different sort of aesthetic to it. It’s a favourite of Two Knotty Boys; most of their videos depict nylon rope being used.

Jute is similar to hemp in that it has excellent tooth; no issues whatsoever with using hitches etc. Very few knots required. This is actually a hollow braid kind of rope; meaning it’s a polypropylene braid wrapped around a core of something. I found it at a Bunnings Warehouse. It is by far the cheapest useful rope I’ve ever come across. Pros:. What was left wouldn’t be as strong, but it might very well be suitable for bedroom tying. I was in an experimental mood, so I bought some and took it home with me.

Rope Bondage The Smart Way was distilled down from about six years of learning, practicing, and testing, and contains my go-to practices for my own use of rope bondage in BDSM; with both written instructions and LOTS of annotated pictures to make learning it all easy. Choosing Rope. I like green and silver, other people may prefer red and silver, or may be able to shop around online to find a solid colour braid. Reasonably cheap; comes in different diameters and you can get bundles of it for not a bad price, or you can measure off the lengths you want right from the spool. You don’t get great photo worthy ties with it; though you still get a restrained person, which is always good, and may be all you want in your photo. Summary:.

Bondage Rope: What Kind Of Rope Is Best For Bondage? Bondage rope and what kind of rope is best for bondage? This is the kind of question I come across all the time on rope bondage groups and at beginners workshops. Jute makes for extremely good photos in it’s un-dyed state. It generally has very clean lines, and has a sort of compelling aesthetic to it which honestly can make a person fall in love with it. Cons. This is a very thin plastic webbing; it is not something you want to get too close to a naked flame, because it will melt. There. End post. Again, this is related to the lack of friction. This is pretty cool because you don’t get bulky, unsightly looking knots.


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